Through extensive laboratory and real life testing (although not on animals), we’ve discovered thermal lamination is the key to eternal youth. This is big news! Not only will your work last forever, it’ll be beautiful and polished looking too. It’s almost not right how durable this stuff is.

Get the latest scoop on our experiments, discoveries and things you need to know.

It’s Safe To Touch Paper Again!

What is Anti Microbial film:

It is our regular laminates that have been specially treated with a silver based anti microbial agent. It is durable and does not wear off with use. You can clean the film and it remains effective. It is safe and silver has been used for centuries in medical applications and to help protect foods from spoiling.

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RM Anti Microbial web

Time is money. We can help you save your money.

Too often a project is printed before we’re asked what films are available and which would be most practical for the application. We stock films in various widths depending on the film type. These are optimized to match the most common press sheet sizes.

When designing the layout for a printed product, it is best to consult with us to see which films widths would be best for your particular job before you go to press.

Today, we’re exploring how best to lay out a sheet to optimize the film usage and avoid unnecessary costs.

I hope you reach out to have a discussion about your next job. We’re always here to help you make the right choice!

Choosing The Correct Film

Today we are talking about how our films are made and the process we use to laminate. When using the correct film, the product should last as long as the piece is relevant.

Choosing the correct film for the right application is the key to making quality finished products. We have decades of experience for you to draw upon when you need help.

If you would like to get you hands on one of our swatch books or need assistance in choosing the right film for your next project, please contact us!

Our new Scuff Free Delustered Polypropylene film has arrived.

If you have ever used Delustered Polypropylene film for a project you will love this new version. The scuff resistant surface is more durable than ever and helps resist finger prints. This film is great for book covers, presentation folders, marketing materials, business cards and more. We are happy to get some samples in your hands just get hold of us.

It’s completely unnatural!

We took an 80 year old woman and stretched a piece of thermal lamination over her with the following results:

  • Attractive, wrinkle-free look.
  • Polished feel.
  • Protection against scratching, fading and smudging.
  • Won’t live any longer, but will look terrific forever.
  • Has attracted several new male “friends” and is completely water resistant!

Recently, she has been spotted at local dance halls and night clubs.