Through extensive laboratory and real life testing (although not on animals), we’ve discovered thermal lamination is the key to eternal youth. This is big news! Not only will your work last forever, it’ll be beautiful and polished looking too. It’s almost not right how durable this stuff is.

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Soft Touch Red & Black.

We are now stocking this very unique film. It is red or black, completely opaque and comes with a soft velvety coating which is designed to accept foil stamping or UV coating. This film has been used for book covers, packaging, presentation folder, marketing material. Let us know if you would like to have a sample to feel.

Lay Flat Velvet is fast becoming our most popular film.

When this film was first introduced a short while ago who would have thought it would become such a hit! Customers are raving about the look, feel, and reactions they receive when people touch this film. Great for any project that needs lamination on one side such as, book covers, folders, packaging materials and just about anything you can think of. We know you will love this once you see it. Contact us for your own personal swatch book or sample.